Ever feel like giving up? Giving up on your health? Giving up on life? Giving up on everything? That’s exactly where I found myself before starting Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.

My depression had spiraled out of control. Medication wasn’t helping. Even a trip to the Caribbean didn’t bring me out of it like I’d hoped. I felt worthless, numb, lacking, despair, undeserving, lost, overweight, drowning, unloveable, unhealthy, self hate, scared, addicted to food, and that’s just the first layer.

I was filling the voids in my life through emotional eating. Fast food became a daily companion as well as a stop at Sonic or Dairy Queen for ice cream. Thoughts of self harm were also a daily struggle. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to be alive. I even considered walking away from coaching. I no longer felt like I was in a place where I could help others because I couldn’t even help myself. It’s been a very LONG time since my depression consumed me so much. I was lost and unsure how to make a change. I had completely hit rock bottom emotionally and my health went right along with it. I walked through the motions of life trying to keep my head above water for TWO reasons – my husband and my daughter.

It had been over a year since I saw a therapist, but I knew that I could no longer survive this battle on my own. I reached out to my psychiatrist at and expressed my need for help. I began seeing a new therapist and trying to find simple changes I could make in the right direction, but still I had no energy.

I had absolutely no energy to workout or cook. Hell I was barely functioning. I could drink preworkouts and caffeine non stop and all it seemed to do was fuel my exhaustion. I couldn’t fall asleep at night. I would toss and turn for hours then struggle to get up in the morning. My body wasn’t meant to work on 4 hours or less of sleep. Then I would find myself sleeping entire weekends away trying to play catch up.

I KNEW my biggest issue was what I putting into my body, but felt lost on how to get myself back on track. I had heard of the Ultimate Reset before, but never thought it would be something I could COMMIT to. It was so far out of my comfort zone and felt completely unachievable for me. When I stepped on the scale in April at my heaviest weight ever and officially in the “OBESE” category I knew something had to give. Also in April it was announced that Darin Olien, co-creator of UR, was going to be doing the Ultimate Reset in May, and he was inviting others to join him. What a coincidence that this happened right around the same time, and I told myself… What do I have to lose? I ordered it that day.

This program took me back to being a challenger. I had the creator doing it at the same time, two friends in a private group doing it, commitment to sharing my journey on social media, Beachbody provided groups for EACH phase for support, and the ultimate reset website that provides everything from daily updates to cooking videos for every recipe. Before I even received my kit in the mail I could see that I had surrounded myself with every reason to SUCCEED.

The Ultimate Reset has done EVERYTHING I had hope that it would and MORE. It’s not just a detox or cleanse. It truly was a RESET for me that has CHANGED MY LIFE.

I went into this program with the right mindset, great support, and for the first time EVER I didn’t cheat. I won’t lie… It was HARD AS HELL especially that first week. I found myself sleeping A LOT. By the second week I started to feel a shift in myself. There was a new form of energy that I haven’t felt in YEARS. Week 3 was difficult because it’s a vegan diet, but I knew I was on the home stretch! I just had to BELIEVE in the program, and I did. {More details about each week and how I felt during can be found on my blog at merrycain.com over the next few days as I update it with videos, recipes, and my thoughts.}

I am so PROUD of myself for completing this program. I was able to avoid temptations at work, home, and out. That even includes my 8 year old waving cookies under my nose (OREOS PEOPLE OREOS) and refusing to give in. Before I could eat an entire package in one sitting, and I was able to walk away from oreos, cupcakes, and more. I am a recovering sugar addict. It sounds crazy saying that, but I believe it to be true. Now I know how to find healthy substitutes or I drink my Shakeology. The thing is though… my sugar cravings are GONE. That alone to me is pretty amazing!

Now I’m falling asleep when I lay down at night, and honestly having some of the BEST sleep of my life. I have energy now to LIVE. I’m more interactive with my family and the world around me. My depression still has a grip on me like it has my entire life, but I’m on the upswing and that feels AMAZING. I find myself being more positive and living in the moment, yet optimistic and planning for the future. The passion I had lost has come back full force and I want to help others to find this place that I’m at now.
Other positive impacts I’ve seen are improved digestion, clearer skin {goodbye painful cystic acne!}, so many new fruits, vegetables, and grains that I love, new found appreciation for what goes IN MY BODY that has me revisiting everything that comes in contact with it, strong sense of pride and self worth, self discipline and I learned so much about my body including when I’ve had enough food and how my body responses to certain foods.

OHHH YEA!!! I forgot to mention the fact that I LOST 21.5 lbs and 14.5 inches, and am no longer considered obese! That’s like icing on the cake.. Okay maybe I need a new analogy… That’s like adding cacao nibs in my Shakeology! LOL

If you are still with me after reading this little novel… Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read about my journey. I hope you are able to find what you need or are looking for. I’m here to help however I can. You DESERVE to achieve your goals and dreams. I BELIEVE and KNOW you can!

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