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Dear Destiny, I’m ready now

I lost myself… Mentally, physically, emotionally… I closed myself off from my family, my friends, and my colleagues. I allowed the depression, anxiety and despair to sweep me away until I felt and looked completely unrecognizable in my eyes. I hurt myself with my negative and harmful thoughts. The mental abuse I pushed upon myself […]

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Just Get Started

I know finding the time to get a workout in can be difficult. We are all busy, BUT you have to WANT it. I say this over and over, but you don’t have to start out going 100%. Make small changes! Here are 10 moves that all together shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes […]

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The Comeback – 21 Day Fix Results

Did you read my comeback post??  If not check it out before reading this!  The Comeback Story  Here are my official results! Sharing progress pictures is and will always be a scary 😱and nerve racking 😩endeavor. I’m placing myself out there for potential criticism in a very public forum. You may be asking yourself “why?” Or […]

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Six Tips for a Healthy Road Trip

It’s such an exciting time of year!  The holidays are here and for the Cain family that means traveling in the car for almost 12 hours (ONE WAY) to visit my family in Texas! I’ve just finished the 21 Day Fix and I want to stay on track.  My next round starts when we get […]

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The Comeback

The Comeback – Working to Rise Above a Life Long Struggle w/ Depression & Anxiety While Living a Healthy Life My name is Merry Cain, and if you didn’t know I have been suffering with depression and anxiety my entire life.  I don’t remember a time in my life where I felt like I was enough, that I […]

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