Why I choose Shakeology (1)

Not even a year ago I remember one of the coaches on my team, Sheena,
mentioning a challenger that was ABSOLUTELY killing it. I don’t even remember Sheena initially telling me her name. She shared some of her story with me and kept me updated on her progress. It wasn’t until maybe a month or two ago that I “met” her in my team’s free accountability group.

Corey is beyond committed to her journey. What’s even more wonderful? Her husband is doing everything right along with her! Every single day she shares with us workout selfies, motivational quotes, food pics, etc. Once a week she OPENLY shares her progress pictures and where she stands on her journey. The first time she shared MORE of her story it brought me to tears. Each and EVERY day she inspires me and motivates me to stay on course.

This beautiful woman has recently brought me to tears again when she openly shared EVEN MORE of her story. I keep using the term openly because when we share our story with others it truly makes us vulnerable. It opens us up to judgment and isn’t easy to do. Corey is the epitome of the reason I became a coach. The changes she has seen in her HEALTH are a blessing, and I feel privileged just to be able to watch her journey.

I am going to quote Corey now because only she can tell you her story HER way. I hope that it moves you and inspires you the way it does me. It may even bring you to tears because it gets me every time. You will definitely understand WHY she is my #WCW!!

“My entire life, I have wanted to be a Mom. It has truly been my only aspiration in life. I longed to be a stay at home Mom so that I could give my children the most solid foundation possible.

I met my wonderful husband when I was 18 years old. We were married just shy of a year later, bought our first home 3 years after that & were heading down the path to becoming parents, or so I thought. We decided to hit the pause button on starting our family so that we could move to LA & give him the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming & working actor. While looking for a job, I landed in my career & slowly but surely let go of my dream of staying home with our future children. Instead I came to terms with the fact that I would be a Mommy who works outside of the home.

We have now been married for 18 1/2 years and try as we might, I have yet to become pregnant. Our infertility did not surprise my doctor. I tipped the scales at 331.6 lbs. in addition to being “morbidly obese”, my doctor discovered that I have a condition call PCOS coupled with a tipped uterus that was infested with polyps. I had a procedure to remove the polyps & increase our chances of becoming parents. Unfortunately, the polyps grew back in another part of my uterus. I had a second procedure to remove the polyps, and within 6 months, they reappeared in another part of my uterus.

I expressed to my doctor that I had been following a new program called the “21-Day Fix” I had just completed 2 rounds & had already lost 24 lbs. After a biopsy confirmed that the new polyps were non-cancerous, I expressed my desire to let them be. Just let them grow, fester & do what ever they wanted to do for the next 12 months while I focused on getting myself into more optimal shape for for childbearing. My doctor agreed to go along with my plan.

I have spent the past 9 months following the 21-Day Fix & 21-Day Fix Extreme programs. In that time, I have lost:

111 pounds
12″ from my chest
14″ from my waist
11.5″ from my hips
5″ from my right arm
4″ from my left arm
And 3.5″ from each of my thighs

I returned to my doctor last week for my pre-op appointment. This was the first time my doctor has seen me since June and he was extremely impressed by my weight loss progress. He told me several times that he was very proud of me even before the sonogram revealed that all of the polyps are now GONE!! That’s right, I no longer need surgery. My body corrected the problem through diet & exercise. What’s more, my doctor has cleared me for pregnancy. We still have a few hurdles standing in our way, so PLEASE don’t start reaching out every month asking if we are pregnant yet. But all of my efforts have put us in a prime position to conceive.”

Corey if you read this I just hope you know that you are going to be an AMAZING mother! I know you will continue to inspire him/her the way you inspire all of us. Thank you for letting me share your story!

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