I know finding the time to get a workout in can be difficult. We are all busy, BUT you have to WANT it. I say this over and over, but you don’t have to start out going 100%. Make small changes! Here are 10 moves that all together shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete, and can be done anywhere.

If you have to SPREAD them out.
For example:

Run in place – Do it while brushing your teeth

Side Shuffle – Waiting on the toaster to pop up

Cross Jack – Coffee is brewing so do it

Woodchop – Waiting for the bus to pick up the kids

Burpees – Just go ahead and knock those out ASAP

Bicycle Crunch – Quick break while folding laundry

Crunch Bridge – Lunch time when you are heating up your soup

V-Sit – Spare time? Squeeze this in for 1 minute

Russian Twist – Knock these out right before you go to bed

Side Bends – Easy to do while you are cooking dinner

You CAN DO this! You just have to believe in yourself and start with small changes!
PS if you haven’t given up soda yet that should be one of your first changes 😉

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