Today I was completely taken aback by a comment that a fitness trainer and business owner left on a photo showing my face and upper body – “You’re Fat.”

fatLet me clear something up…
I am NOT perfect.
I STRUGGLE on my journey.
I could indulge myself in a BAG OF OREOS.
I have felt SHAME for OVEREATING.
I am NOT a trainer. I am a COACH.
I am here to MOTIVATE others while I MOTIVATE myself.
I am here to SHARE MY JOURNEY in hopes that it will inspire.
I DON’T like exercise.
I LIKE fast food.
I am ADDICTED to sweets.
This journey IS NOT EASY.
I fight those battles EVERY SINGLE DAY. Key term I FIGHT!
This is a LIFESTYLE that I am trying to lead.
It is not without it’s STRUGGLES & FAILURES.
I am NOT always successful, but I TRY.
MY GOAL is not to be skinny. My GOAL is to be fit and healthy. I WANT a booty and curves. THAT is what I believe is SEXY. That is MY VISION for myself.

If YOU are a fighter. If YOU are on a journey like me. If YOU know someone who needs to be reminded that their weight DOES NOT DEFINE THEM then share encouraging words.  Don’t let ANYONE bring you down.  Don’t bring others down.  Negativity will only bring negativity into your life.  


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