Here is an EASY way to make your snacks and lunch for 5 days on Sunday! Be sure to look at the ingredients of the items that you are purchasing!

imageBreakfast – Steel cut Oats with fruit and walnuts!  So easy and you can add a little Maple Syrup (grade B). Portion Fixers its 1 Yellow, 1 purple, 1 blue

Morning Snack – Greek Yogurt with fruit. Portion Fix – 1 Red and 1 purple.

Afternoon Snack – Shakeology & Fruit – 1 Red and 1 purple.

LUNCH – Salad with Chicken – 3 Greens, 1 Red, & 1 Orange

Lunch is the longest part of prep, but it’s WELL worth it!  By longest I mean making these salads takes me NO MORE than 30 minutes.

imageFirst step is to bake your chicken!  I personally choose the chicken breast tenderloins because they cook faster and are easier to cut for your salad.




imageHere are my 3 favorite seasonings from Flavor God!  I generally will do half in one flavor and then half in another seasoning.





In my salads I put 2-3 cups of Romaine lettuce, 1 cucumber cut up for all 5 salads, 1 tomato imageper salad cut into wedges, kalmato olives (SOOO good), sweet red onions, a handful of precut sliced lettuce, and then top with the chicken when it’s done 🙂 Total it ends up being about 3 green containers and 1 red.  This really helps me get my veggies in every day.  With the varied seasonings it helps to change it up.  You could also use turkey, ground beef, salmon, tempeh, or tofu for your salads instead of chicken.

imageLast I generally will make my own imagesalad dressings, but this week decided to buy from the store.  The biggest downfall to these two dressings are the face that they have added sugar.
Otherwise the ingredient list is GREAT!  Just like what I would make at home 🙂


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