The Comeback – 21 Day Fix Results

Did you read my comeback post??  If not check it out before reading this!  The Comeback Story  Here are my official results!

Sharing progress pictures is and will always be a scary 😱and nerve racking 😩endeavor. I’m placing myself out there for potential criticism in a very public forum. You may be asking yourself “why?” Or “is she crazy?” Why yes, yes I am lol!

I share my progress with because I want you to see that if I can commit then so can you! 👭If I can achieve results SO CAN YOU! If you‘ve been following my journey then you have probably read my blog post titled “The Comeback” and KNOW that I am JUST LIKE YOU.

I am PROUD💪 {and still scared} to share with you the beginning of my comeback; completing round 1 of the 21 Day Fix and LOSING 9.5 INCHES! Woohoo!

No lies I stepped on the scale and when I realized my weight loss wasn’t more drastic I panicked. Such a stupid reaction because I know I have been replacing fat with muscle. Then I saw my measurements and pictures and was like… 9.5 inches in 21 days and a lot of it was target towards my stomach! YES! I’m so going to be ready for my cruise in March 👙!!

Next up… Hammer & Chisel!!!  Ready to join me?


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