So… you might be curious. What do coaches actually do everyday?

Many of our new coaches carve out ONE POWER HOUR per day to really learn the business. This is about the same amount of time you commit to your own fitness everyday, now you’ll commit the same amount of time to your business. This is a starting point. You can divide this up with 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. It might take cutting back on television, running fewer errands and limiting your time scrolling the news feed! But this business will move your life ahead.

We don’t want you to run around busy and frazzled. We will teach you to be productive. In our trainings as a new coach, you’ll learn how to use a power hour check list to keep your time focused. As you grow your business, you’ll want to do more and cross more things off that list and as you grow a team you have more responsibility to take on. Don’t worry it’s all workable and in your daily power hour. You won’t START doing all of these things of course! You’ll build up to it, according to your own goals.

NOTE **If you are a trainer, you might focus more on simply sharing Shakeology with your existing clients, running nutritional challenges on Facebook to go along with your live workouts. We know how to personalize the business to fit YOUR fitness business! It is our specialty!

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