gym-vs-challenge-group-1Everyone has their own preference.  Personally for me the gym has never been an option.  Here is why:

  • It takes me over 15 minutes ONE WAY just to get to a gym.

  • I hate leaving my daughter at the gym childcare (if they even have it)

  • I leave for work at 7AM, and don’t get home until after 6PM.

  • When I’m at the gym I have NO idea what I should do to get the results I want.

  • I get bored on treadmills, elliptical, and step-masters.  They feel more like torture devices to me.

  • When I’m using the weight machines and I’m doing what I need to be doing for results.

  • Who do I ask questions to at the gym?  Where is the support I need? Shy introvert right here!

  • What about my nutrition?  Before joining a challenge group I had NO idea how I truly needed to fuel my body for results.  It’s truly simple to for the WIN!do.  Not easy, but simple especially with Shakeology added in to the mix

All I want to do is workout for 30 minutes or less, have a clear nutrition plan I can follow, be surrounded by support, and be able to fuel my body with a dense nutrition shake unlike anything else out there…. CHALLENGE GROUP