Did I ever tell you the INITIAL reason I started coaching?? To save money on Shakeology – plain and simple. If you know me then you know I am always looking for a deal, sale, coupon, whatever… so when my coach told me I could save 25% on all Beachbody products including Shakeology and didn’t have to do anything I was like yes please?️ SIGN ME UP!
How Shakeology Changed my life
Shakeology literally changed my life. Of course I was skeptical when she initially mentioned it, but everyone was raving in the accountability group I was in so I tried it for 7 days. In my first 7 days drinking it I was down four lbs, had more energy and less cravings, and kicked my Coke Zero addiction. Every single morning I was stopping at sonic for a 40oz Coke Zero and a BEC toaster with extra bacon??. THEN a 32oz on my lunch break. I truly believe Shakeology was what allowed me to quit cold turkey and never look back.

I was literally spending over $5 a day at sonic not including the junk I had throughout the day, and as a coach I could replace a meal a day with Shakeology for about $3.33 a day. No brainer right? Especially when she explained to me that one shake had OVER 70 super foods from around the world.

It blows my mind when I look at the Shakeology WALL below and realize that I’m putting that goodness in my body EVERY single day. My nutrition isn’t always on point. In fact I struggle with nutrition more than I do working out. So with this I know I am literally giving myself what my body needs.

So how did that lead into becoming a motivational coach? I started receiving messages saying that I was motivating and inspiring others. It TRULY touched my heart, helped keep me accountable, and motivated me to do and be more. There is a part of my heart that lights up knowing that I am helping someone!

In the past year and a half I have helped well over 100 people get started on their journey as their coach. I’ve paid off credit cards and even a tractor?. I’ve grown as person through personal development. I’ve earned clothes, gear, books, a ticket to summit, just to name a few things… Oh AND a FREE trip for my husband and I to the Caribbean NEXT YEAR!

I haven’t looked back! It’s funny how this has had such a ripple effect on my life..

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