How do you make an income helping others?

We aren’t selling stuff or twisting arms. We are helping people who want help. There is a HUGE difference. We invite people to work with us, and we connect them to products that can help them. Then we support them and celebrate their milestones. Your income will be a direct reflection of the amount of people you help 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before I help people even if they don’t purchase something from me. I, also, love that I get 25% off anything I purchase?. You receive a 25% commission on products purchased through you. There are other ways to increase your income that I discuss in the video. Tons of other incentives too like a free ticket to our annual summit, monthly prizes for helping 3 people (from clothes to books to programs like this month by helping 3 people you get P90x and P90x2 valued at $300), this year I have earned a free 5 day cruise for myself and husband (so excited I’ve never been out of the country!!), and more…

My personal goal is to help you right away to help 3-5 to pay for your Shakeology and never pay for Shakeology again. Comment below any questions you have 🙂


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