Did you read my comeback post??  If not check it out before reading this!  The Comeback Story  Here are my official results!

Sharing progress pictures is and will always be a scary ?and nerve racking ?endeavor. I’m placing myself out there for potential criticism in a very public forum. You may be asking yourself “why?” Or “is she crazy?” Why yes, yes I am lol!

I share my progress with because I want you to see that if I can commit then so can you! ?If I can achieve results SO CAN YOU! If you‘ve been following my journey then you have probably read my blog post titled “The Comeback” and KNOW that I am JUST LIKE YOU.

I am PROUD? {and still scared} to share with you the beginning of my comeback; completing round 1 of the 21 Day Fix and LOSING 9.5 INCHES! Woohoo!

No lies I stepped on the scale and when I realized my weight loss wasn’t more drastic I panicked. Such a stupid reaction because I know I have been replacing fat with muscle. Then I saw my measurements and pictures and was like… 9.5 inches in 21 days and a lot of it was target towards my stomach! YES! I’m so going to be ready for my cruise in March ?!!

Next up… Hammer & Chisel!!!  Ready to join me?


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